On any given day, you see families reunited, loved ones saying goodbye, and heroes welcomed home. Joy, heartbreak and everything in between. Because SAN is more than an airport. It’s a community of travelers.

The Goings On


SAN Sponsors Creek to Bay

SAN Sponsors Creek to Bay SAN Partners With I Love a Clean San Diego for First Virtual Cleanup Event Each year, San Diego International Airport (SAN) […]

Let’s Go Safely

Let’s Go Safely During these unprecedented times, San Diego International Airport (SAN) has continued to adjust to the impacts of COVID-19. The airport has remained open […]

Envisioning the future at SAN

Envisioning the future at SAN Sustainability is a hallmark of operations at San Diego International Airport (SAN). In everything that we do, we are committed to […]

May Is Bike Month!

May is Bike Month! Did you know that May is National Bike Month? That’s right! Bike Month showcases the many benefits of bicycling and encourages people […]

Happy Earth Month From SAN

Happy Earth Month From SAN Happy Earth Month! During these uncertain times, we are certain that our commitment to be a sustainable organization is as important […]


I See GSE Ground Support Equipment at SAN Have you ever wondered about all of the equipment required to service planes at SAN? Ground support equipment, […]
Evan and 3rd grade classmates

Meet SAN’s #1 fan: Evan, grade 3, loves SAN 13/10

Meet SAN’s #1 fan: Evan, grade 3, loves SAN 13/10 “How come the flight attendants don’t fall asleep on planes?” We now have definitive proof that […]

Giving Back: Tony Russell, Director of Board Services

Giving Back: Tony Russell, Director of Board Services On Friday, January 17 the Jackie Robinson YMCA hosted the 35th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Human […]

SAN Stories


Seen at SAN

Graham and his traveling companion, “Jabari,” are heading to Dallas for 10 days. Graham said that while in Texas he will be meeting a brother for […]

Seen at SAN

There is traveling light and there is traveling very light. And then there is traveling the way Kevin (left) and Aidan are traveling. The two friends, who flew to […]

Seen at SAN

Arn, a 94-year-old resident of Fallbrook, just returned from San Francisco. He said he is know for being a bit of a horticulturist and was in […]

Seen at SAN

Anthony Sr. brought Anthony Jr. to San Diego from Arizona to see family. This was the first time that Anthony Jr., who just turned two, has […]

Seen at SAN

Where do you go when you want to hold a mini college reunion? San Diego, of course! Stephanie, Barbara and Mary Beth are part of a […]

Seen at SAN

“We love San Diego; it’s like a breath of fresh air.” Melissa and Julie flew to San Diego from Northern Virginia, where they said the high […]

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