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A Military Reunion at the Airport and it’s not what you might think

Anyone driving west on Harbor Drive these days would have spied the huge mural  on the side of our Commuter Terminal.

Here’s the skinny on the art and artist…

The Airport Arts Program put out a call for art that would “pay homage to the groundbreaking innovations and pioneering spirit” of San Diego’s aviation history.

A young emerging artist with a strong sense of community responded.   His name: Jari ‘Werc’ Alvarez.

Werc’s mural is a powerful depiction of the engineering, hard work, and ingenuity manifest in our city’s  Golden Age of aviation. Using his talent as a graffiti artist, Werc includes a stylized representation of our airport code: ‘SAN’. These letters emerge from the mural’s background providing a welcoming gateway to our airport.

This is the first of what will be 3 pieces to be displayed over time in the same location. Already planning the second piece, Werc wants to create another community focused mural.

To learn more about Werc and his art, check him out on Facebook and YouTube – or view some more of his art at:

Werc’s Street Art: http://www.wercworldwide.com/street/

One of NYC’s Top 10 Street Art Murals: http://www.wercworldwide.com/wblog/

Meanwhile, keep your eye on that Commuter Terminal wall.  Each of Werc’s pieces will be exhibited for about 3-5 years. There’s a lot of great detail to be discovered over the next few years within the current mural.  And 2 more great pieces to follow.

And as you make your way into any of the airport terminals, take a moment to notice the other great art that surrounds you.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find: http://www.modernluxury.com/san-diego-airport

“Whether you are native to San Diego or a visitor to the region, we invite you to arrive, depart and be inspired.”  (Thella Bowens)

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