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Travel Tips

“My car won’t start.” “I don’t have enough gas to drive to the parking lot.” “I am searching for Pokémon Go characters.” When it comes to reasons for wanting to linger curbside, SAN’s 47 Airport Traffic Officers have heard just about everything. And while the primary responsibility of the airport’s traffic officers, many of whom have been on the job for over a decade, is to keep traffic moving (even if the dog ate your homework, you still have to load or unload as quickly as possible), they want to achieve that goal while making your experience at SAN safe, secure and pleasant.

In that spirit, SAN’s Airport Traffic Officers offer these Six Travel Tips:

1. Ask questions. Your flight doesn’t leave for several hours and you want to know what’s within walking distance of SAN – ask a traffic officer. You have to return your rental car but you aren’t sure how to get to the Rental Car Center – ask a traffic officer. You need to get assistance for a passenger, who is inside the terminal, but you don’t know how to do that – ask a traffic officer.
If you have a question, one of SAN’s traffic officers probably has the answer. And they are happy to help.

2. Travel Tuesday isn’t just a hashtag used on social media. Tuesdays can be busy. SAN’s airport traffic officers recommend getting to the parking lots early on Tuesday, or better yet, reserving a spot ahead of time at: Upgrade Your

3. Utilize the Cell Phone Lot. It can take anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes (longer for international travelers) for passengers to exit the airport after deplaning. Remaining parked in the Cell Phone Lot until your passenger arrives curbside keeps you from having to repeatedly circle the airport — which saves time and eliminates aggravation. Not sure if your passenger’s plane has landed? Check the in-lot monitors for real-time updates.

4. Still want to circle? Stay in the left lane and do not pull curbside until you see your passenger.

5. Give your pet some relief. But please do so in the designated areas. SAN has several dedicated locations (fire hydrant, water fountain and artificial turf included) that are meant for use by your furry friend. Eight of the areas are located outside the terminals and one is post-security in Terminal 2 West between Gates 46 and 47. Not sure where to go? Ask a traffic officer.

6. Know your airline. Some airlines offer curbside check-in, while others don’t. Skycaps are available to bring your luggage inside, but for timing purposes, it is helpful to know in advance if you will require assistance. Curbside check-in should be used for baggage drop only. If you need something more (a translator, to arrange for an escort to the gate, etc.), be prepared to park your car and go inside.

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