Tranquility and Serenity at the Airport
Welcome to the Commuter Terminal, Werc!

While visiting the San Diego International Airport, please enjoy the many different art installations displayed around the campus.  Currently exhibited throughout the terminals is Converging Ingenuities, the Arts Program’s thematic, temporary exhibition for 2014.  The exhibition includes twelve different installations, each by a different artist or organization. Each artwork or collection on display explores the intersection of visual art with science and technology.   The 12 installations range in subject from phenotypic plasticity (or the ability of an organism to change its traits in response to environmental change) to ocean acidification, and they seek to educate while also creating a visually stunning experience for airport customers.  Lauren Lockhart, Airport Art Coordinator II at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, had this to say:  “The diverse group of artists and organizations featured in Converging Ingenuities reflects the innovative work being done at the intersection of art, science and technology here in San Diego.”

One of the 12 installations is Recycled Planet, a piece designed by University of California – San Diego Professor, Oscar Romo. The project depicts a world map constructed solely from plastic water bottles.  Beautiful to look at, the project is also a reminder of the importance of recycling. The artist, Mr. Romo, is passionate about designing systems made from upcycling solid waste to deal with stormwater pollution and hillside erosion.  Please enjoy his trash revalorization project in Terminal 2 at Gate 24.  Converging Ingenuities will be on display through the remainder of 2014.

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