Seen at SAN
Seen at SAN

You ever wish for a time machine? Something that would pause the relentless march of the seconds and the minutes and the hours? Just so you can … breathe?

We have a time machine at SAN. We call it “art.”

When art is done right, it stops time. For as long as you experience it, you’re not worrying about finding your gate, or whether your carry-on is too big, or if you left the stove on at home. You’re just in the moment, and the moment lasts as long as you want it to.

That’s why we love this candid shot taken by Aviation Security and Public Safety Analyst Mary De Felice while walking through the corridor that connects Terminal 2 East and West recently. The headphone-wearing passenger paused on his journey to grab a snapshot of the Intergalactic Dreaming exhibit. Even the man pushing the stroller was distracted long enough to think about something else besides the next diaper change.

They paused. They breathed. They appreciated something beautiful. Then they moved on.