Seen at SAN
Seen at SAN

Looking for ways to go green on your next trip through SAN?


At San Diego International Airport (SAN), we are committed to sustainability and to helping you reduce your environmental footprint. Check out these six ways you can travel sustainably:

Carbon Offset Your Travels.

Keep your carbon footprint in check with The Good Traveler program. The Good Traveler allows you to purchase a certified carbon offset that will offset the environmental impact of your journey. Visit The Good Traveler website to calculate your travel distance and to purchase an offset. Just $2 offsets 1,000 miles of flying or 400 miles of driving — that’s 344 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Visit a Green Concession.

Check out one of our certified Green Concessions located throughout the Terminals!

Take Public Transit, Use Ride Share.

SAN is accessible by Amtrak and Coaster, city bus, trolley, and ride share services. Keep in mind that Palm Street, which connects rail users with the Trolley to Terminals shuttle, is closed for construction through June 19, 2017. You can learn more about public transit options at

Reuse, Refill, Refresh

Save money and the planet by refilling your bottle post-security. Empty your liquids before security in one of our mobile liquid collection units or bring an empty reusable water bottle through security. You can fill up at one of our convenient water bottle refilling stations throughout the terminals.

Recycle Right.

There are over 1,000 recycling containers throughout the airport. Make use of them and throw all of your recyclables, including your plastic bottles, glass, mixed paper and paper products, cans, foil, and rigid plastics, inside the same bin.

Go Paperless. Go Green. Get GOing.
  • Many airlines offer the ability for you to use a mobile boarding pass. Save the paper, and the ink, and get to where you’re headed.
  • Bring your eReader on your trip. TSA Tip: electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop do not need to be removed from your bag or their cases at security.
  • Opt to use our hand dryers instead of paper towels. Efficient and hygienic, hand dryers are located in most restrooms throughout the terminals.

Visit the new Sustain.San.Org website to learn more about all of SAN’s sustainability initiatives.