Giving Back: Tony Russell, Director of Board Services

Meet SAN’s #1 fan: Evan, grade 3, loves SAN 13/10

“How come the flight attendants don’t fall asleep on planes?”

We now have definitive proof that good feelings generate more good feelings! A couple of months ago, SAN received a letter from a local third grader, Evan, who told us how much he loves airplanes and our airport. In this savvy traveler’s words, “I love to go in planes because the planes are so cool inside and it looks so beautiful. I love the Airport.” 

And we love receiving fan mail! In fact, we appreciated Evan’s letter so much that the marketing team paid a visit to Evan’s third-grade class last week. We answered a lot of thoughtful questions from the kids like, “How come the flight attendants don’t fall asleep on planes?”, “Why does the airport have to close at midnight?”, and “How come my plane to Seattle had to stop in Oakland?”

This experience made us very happy, especially Evan, who received airport swag for his whole class, a personal letter from our CEO, and an airport patch that he gets to put in his school museum for the year.

We were honored to spend an hour with these delightful little ones and happy to answer their questions about all things aviation. The marketing team plans to bring the whole class in for a field trip in the springtime, so look out for a group of eager young travelers, lots of smiles, and of course, oodles of good feelings.